What is your swim diaper policy?2019-04-12T00:11:21+00:00

We require that all children UNDER AGE 4 are must be wearing both a swim diaper AND a swim diaper cover in order to enter the water park.  Our friendly staff will check to ensure that all guests under age 4 are properly wearing BOTH a swim diaper and cover before entrance into the water park is allowed.  This includes children who are under age 4 and potty trained as well as anyone who has issues controlling their bowels.  As a result of this policy Cherry Hill has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of fecal related pool closures, thus allowing all of our guests the enjoyment of all our water attractions.  All children under age 4 MUST be WEARING a swim diaper and cover and show them to our employees at the entrance gates.  NO EXCEPTIONS

Do you have a security check?2019-04-11T20:20:46+00:00

Cherry Hill is committed to the safety of all guests, and as such all bags, strollers, and coolers are subject to search before entering our water park.  All weapons, alcohol, glass containers, and pop up canopy’s/tents are NOT permitted inside the water park and will be confiscated before entry.  Anyone who enters into the water park must purchase a Splash or King of the Hill pass and have the proper wristband for that day.

Do you allow outside food and drinks into the water park?2019-04-11T20:26:06+00:00

All food, drinks, strollers, and coolers are allowed into the water park.  Please note that alcohol and any glass containers are NOT permitted and will be confiscated at the park gate.

Can I bring an umbrella or pop up canopy into the park?2019-04-11T20:32:31+00:00

Cherry Hill has many trees and grassy areas that are very shady.  Guests are permitted to bring umbrells, sport brellas, or small half dome tents into the water park, but please note large pop up canopies or tents are NOT permitted.  Any umbrellas, sport brellas, or half dome tents that are brought must be properly secured at all times.

Can I bring my own tubes or floaties?2019-04-11T20:39:31+00:00

Cherry Hill allows guests to bring pool toys, tubes, floaties, and life jackets into the water park.  Pool toys, guests tubes, and floaties are permitted in our pools and lazy river.  Guests tubes and toys are NOT permitted on any slides or on Cardiac Canyon river run.  Tubes are provided by Cherry Hill free at the bottom of the ride, and mats are provided for Double Dragons at the bottom of the slides.  Please note, any extra large, vulgar, or inappropriate tubes are NOT permitted anywhere at Cherry Hill.

Do I have to pay for a tube rental?2019-04-11T20:42:24+00:00

No! The use of Cherry Hill tubes is free and included with your admission to the water park.  Tubes are provided in the Lazy River on a first come first serve basis and can not be taken out of the river by any guests.  Tubes for our Cardiac Canyon river run ride are provided to guests at the bottom of the ride one person at a time.  Outside tubes are NOT permitted on Cardiac Canyon and guests will be subject to expulsion from the ride and possibly the park.

Do I have to pay for parking?2019-04-11T20:44:13+00:00

No!  All parking at Cherry Hill is free!

Can I enter the water park if I am not going to swim?2019-04-11T20:45:38+00:00

All guests age 3 and older MUST purchase a Splash or King of the Hill pass in order to enter the water park areas.  Cherry Hill is a participatory park and therefore DOES NOT sell a “spectator pass” for guests not wanting to swim.  There are many areas outside of the water park gates that are open to the public.

Do you rent life jackets?2019-04-11T20:49:32+00:00

We do not rent life jackets, but do offer various flotation devices including life jackets, arm rings, and tube floats for purchase in our gift shop.

Can I leave the water park and get back in?2019-05-07T19:44:34+00:00

Yes, each water park guest receives a Splash Pass or King or the Hill wristband that is good for that day only.  As long as you keep your wristband attached you may leave and return during our daily operating hours.

What if there is bad weather on the day of my visit?2019-04-13T20:13:35+00:00

Cherry Hill does NOT offer refunds due to bad weather.  Very frequently thunderstorms may arise during the summer months that require us to close our activities temporarily or all day (depending on the severity and duration of the weather).  It may take upwards of an hour to determine if the park will close for the day or re-open later.  If the park does close for the day and will not re-open, guests that purchased passes within the past 30 minutes may qualify for a refund if they present their receipt at the ticket window that they purchased the passes at.  Any guests that have been at the park for more than 30 minutes will NOT qualify for a refund.  If Cherry Hill re-opens that day or plans to re-open, there will be no refunds or rain checks issued.  Guests that do qualify for a refund for any reason MUST have a valid receipt in order to receive a refund.

What clothing is allowed in the water park?2019-04-13T20:14:00+00:00

Proper swimwear is required on all water activities, attractions, and pools.  Cut off jeans, regular shorts, and pants are prohibited due to the metal and fabric that can damage the attractions.  We do allow t-shirts to be worn over swimwear on all activities.  Due to the family friendly nature of Cherry Hill, modest swimwear is required by all guests.  No inappropriate, vulgar, crude, remarks or logos are permitted on any clothing worn at Cherry Hill.  Also no nudity or revealing swimwear or clothing is permitted.  Violators will be asked to cover up or leave the park.

Are pets allowed?2019-04-13T20:14:26+00:00

Due to the sanitary nature of our water park pets of any kind are not allowed inside the water park area (including registered service animals).  Cherry Hill does allow pets in the campground and in the public picnic areas of the park.  All pets must be kept on a leash AT ALL TIMES and pet owners must clean up after their pets.

Do you have fire pits in the campgroud?2019-04-13T20:15:15+00:00

Cherry Hill does not provide fire pits, or locations to burn fires of any kind.  Camping guests may bring an above ground fire pit if they wish to have a fire at their site.  Fire pits must be at least 3 feet off the ground and supervised at all times.  No fire is allowed to be burning directly on the grass or roads anywhere on Cherry Hill property. Please do not leave hot ash or wood on the grass or in the roads of the campground, and dispose of all trash properly in designated trash receptacles.

Do you have any height restrictions on your activities?2019-04-13T20:15:30+00:00

Cherry Hill prides itself on being very family friendly.  All of our activities are designed to be enjoyed by guests of all ages as much as possible.  However, there are some activities that are not suitable for small children, or larger individuals.

  • Cardiac Canyon river run requires that all participants fit in their own tube provided by Cherry Hill.  Some small guests may have a hard time fitting in these tubes and as such small children may not want to participate.  Lap riding is NOT permitted on this ride.
  • Double Dragons water slide does allow for two guests per mat to ride together.  We recommend of smaller children want to ride that they do so with an adult and wear proper flotation equipment (such as a life jacket or puddle jumper)
  • Hamster Haven is only permitted for guests UNDER 48 inches in height
  • Jungle Bumper Boats is only permitted for guests UNDER 48 inches in height
  • The Rock has a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds

If you have any questions about height restrictions or appropriate attractions for guests please ask a park manager.  Cherry Hill STRONGLY encourages all guests to keep their children within arms reach during all water activities.  We also STRONGLY recommend that all guests under 48 inches or who are weak or nonswimmers wear life jackets or other flotation devices where appropriate.

Is your water heated in your pools?2019-04-13T20:15:35+00:00

Yes, Cherry Hill heats all of its pools and water park attractions to 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do you have areas that can be rented inside your water park?2019-04-13T20:35:25+00:00

Cherry Hill has lots of grass areas for our water park guests to spread out and enjoy their time at the park.  All grass areas, lounge chairs, and white plastic chairs are placed as a convenience for all guests and are on a first come first serve basis.  Cherry Hill does have cabana rentals that can be reserved by groups no larger than 8 for the day that provides you with an unparalleled luxury Cherry Hill experience.  For more information regarding our Cabana rentals, and other pavilion rentals click here.

Do you have any deals or offer discount passes?2019-04-13T20:16:15+00:00

Cherry Hill offers a variety of coupons and discounts throughout our operating season.  Cherry Hill frequently offers discount coupons in Hometown Values magazine, Money Mailer, and Valpak.  Cherry Hill will occasionally offer promotional discounts with Pepsi, America First Credit Union, and other corporate groups.  Active military, law enforcement, and Medical EMT’s may receive discount passes as will with proof of a valid I.D.  Cherry Hill also offers group discounts for groups of 20 or more.

Anyone that has questions about group discounts, corporate events, or other pass discounts may call our main office at (801) 451-5379 or click here to send us an email.

Have additional questions?
For information on activities, locker rentals, handicap accessibility, booking group events, and other information, you may contact our Main Office at (801) 451-5379 or send us an email by clicking here.
Thank you for your interest in Cherry Hill, we hope to keep you smiling all summer!