Gift Shops and Retail

Cherry Hill has 2 different gift shops, a campground store, plus multiple gift carts located around the park!

Cherry Blossom Gift Shop:  This gifting area is central to the park and is located between the entrance of Pirates Cove and the Campground Office.  This little shop is filled with all of your swimming needs for the waterpark just incase you left home without the sunscreen or a towel.  It also carries many toys and treats for the guests of all ages.  The main attraction for this gift shop is our Glitter Tattoo Station!  Kids and parents of all ages can enjoy a 7 day glitter tattoo that is unique to the individual.  Buy 2 or more and receive a discount!

The Jungle Maze Gift Shop:  This gifting area is themed completely Jungle for our new Jungle area.  You can find plush animals from cute little tigers to 4 foot snakes mixed among these gifts.  Plus you might just find the need for a new Jungle explorer helmet as you challenge yourself to our maze!  Come check out the newly themed Jungle Maze gift shop!

Campground Store:  Our camping guests along with many Daily swimmers will find treats and every day necessities in the campground store.  Pucker Powder sugar sticks are a local favorite plus the store is packed with cookies, chips, drinks, groceries and pharmacy needs.  Additional Retail items like travel games and cards are found here as well.

Gift Carts:  These are located at the Golf and Grant’s Gulch Ticket offices.  They mainly contain the necessities for our waterpark guests along with some fun night time gifts such as glow sticks and refillable Drink Cups.